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How to make chocolate kulfi ice cream

How to make chocolate kulfi ice cream
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After preparing the kesar kulfi successfully I thought of trying this chocolate variant of the same.The major part of the recipe remains the same.

Main ingredient

  1. Milk 1/2 litre
  2. Cooking chocolate
  3. Sugar (as per taste)


  1. Boil milk on a low flame till it is reduced to half.
  2. Add grated chocolate ,till it melts.
  3. Add sugar as per how much sweet you want.
  4. The more sugar you add the coolfi you get is softer.


  1. Pour the milk mixture in a kulfi can
  2. In a plastic basket add ice cubes and add a cup of salt.
  3. Salt helps to lower the temperature even further.
  4. Lower the temperature of your refrigerator by adjusting the regulator.
  5. Keep it overnight.

Decorate with grated chocolate and cracklers.

count your calories


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