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how to make egg frankie at home(Egg rolls)

how to make egg frankie at home(Egg rolls)
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This is a fun snacks which I was familiar since the childhood.In the streets of Kolkata ,it was the most popular street foods.The Indian fried flat-breads were coated with fried egg and filled with various mouthwatering fillings like meat kebabs,chilly chicken or raw vegetable salads to form a scrumptious delicacy.The  street food business can never go wrong with the rolls and the shops were always thronged with a group of individuals from the age group ranging from school goers to the senior citizens.

Only when I shifted to Mumbai ,I was missing these childhood the favorites of mine,when one day I saw the same rolls being served in a shop in Bandra by the name of “kathi rolls” .The rolls were not similar ,as they used rumali roti(which are huge and ultra thin flat breads  cooked over a hot pan and then directly over the fire without oil).The fillings mostly used were  vegetarian keeping in mind the large vegetarian eaters in Mumbai.These too appealed to me,though the filling seemed a little dry but they were not very popular in Mumbai and were not available in many shops.

In the recent days , another dish of the same genera similar in texture and flavor has attracted  the foodies in Mumbai and the dish is called  “Frankie”.The main attraction of this dish lies in its name.You may say,”What’s in a name?” But you won’t believe that this is the same “egg roll” from my childhood era only packaged in a different name and has earned a huge popularity specially among the young crowd.Now when I prepare egg roll at home I call it egg  franky and my daughter gobbles it without the  slightest doubt and fuss.

Serve : 5 to 6



  1. Refined flour( 2 cups)
  2. vegetable oil(1/4th cup)
  3. Salt to taste

Filling( for 1 franky)

  1. Eggs(1 )
  2. onions (finely shredded)(1  cup)
  3. Cucumber (julienne with skin)
  4. Beet julienne(2 tbsp)[optional]
  5. Cabbage shredded (1 tbsp)
  6. Tomato ketchup to taste
  7. Mayonnaise( 2 tbsp )
  8. Chaat masala(1 tbsp)[optional]
  9. green chilies(1 finely chopped)


  1. Make a firm and tight dough from the flour mixture and continue to knead unless it becomes very soft and smooth in texture.
  2. Make medium sized balls from the dough and flatten it to form a large thin disk .
  3. Cook this bread on the pan on both the sides with a tsp of oil .It should be cooked but remain soft ,should not be crisp,then it will be difficult to roll.You should make it thin as much as you can.
  4. Take out the flat-brad or paratha from the pan.
  5. Beat the egg with little salt and pepper.
  6. On the pan add a tbsp of oil and spread.
  7. Add the beaten egg on the pan and swirl the pan to spread.
  8. Place the paratha or flat bread immediately on the egg  and press so that the egg sticks to the paratha.Once it gets fried in low flame for a few seconds take out the paratha.
  9. You can stuff this with meat balls or veg cutlets or just a salad.
  10. keep the flat bread on the plate with the egg side up.
  11. Sprinkle onion ,and vegetable julienne and green chilies.
  12. Drizzle tomato ketchup and mayo.
  13. Roll this tightly together.
  14. Cover with a butter paper or with a foil to serve as a holder .
  15. Serve hot.



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