Sandwich recipe

5 sandwiches recipe and procedure

 What is a sandwich?

Sandwich consists of a pair of bread or buns with a filling in between which can consist of meat or vegetables or seafood making a small filling meal which can be eaten informally without using any cutlery.

How the sandwich got its name?

“Sandwich” is a historical town at Kent ,South of England. Historically the word sandwich is associated with John Montagu , 4th Earl, of Sandwich as he wanted to order something which he can eat with one hand without leaving his gambling game table and he requested roasted beef to be placed in between the slices of bread.


1.Grilled chicken mustard sandwich

Grilled chicken mustard sandwich
This is a tasty sandwich with smoky grilled chicken filling ,spiced with mustard sauce
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2.Egg potato sandwich

Egg potato basil sandwich
This is a simple breakfast sandwich made of fresh ingredients which can make your day healthy and full of energy.I loved the freshness of the greens and wholesomeness of multi grain bread along with the goodness of protein packed boiled eggs.
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basil sandwich

3.Grilled peas sandwich

Green peas sandwich
Green peas are popular food during Winter season Because of their attractive color ,sweet taste and starchy texture. Besides being full of antioxidants green peas contain phytonutrients which can serve as a protection against stomach cancer. This is a very interesting filling which is generally used traditionally for stuffing flat breads but in this recipe the same filling can be used to make sandwich. This is a perfect fusion of the traditional Indian and a popular English breakfast.
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4.Grilled vegetable mozzarella sandwich

Grilled vegetable mozzarella sandwich
The sandwich is stuffed with one's choice of veggies and mozzarella cheese. It is nutritional filling and beautiful looking dish perfect for a Sunday breakfast or brunch.
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5.Potato latkes sandwich

Potato latkes sandwich
Potato latkes are potato pancakes combined with salt ,onions and eggs. They are good as starter but do you know they are excellent when used between bread slices to form sandwiches. You can top the latkes with veg and cheese or mayo to form an innovative sandwich recipe which your family will like. The bread can be grilled or can form a cold sandwich as well.
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Potato latkes






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