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Top 10 recipe ideas for Bengali New year

Poila Baisakh  is the first month of the Bengali Calendar). It’s the first day of the Bengali New Year, which usually falls in mid-April every year. It is celebrated in India and Bangladesh where Bengali is the mother tongue, and people wear new clothes, exchange sweets and gifts among friends and neighbors. Besides language if anything unites Bengali are their rich culture and   authentic spectacular cuisine. In spite of the increasing popularity of junk food Bengali popularly known as Bongs all over the world are still able to retain their love for authentic Bengali food. As a Bengali family residing outside Bengal we too love our indulgence in Fish and rice in various forms on Poila Baishakh and spend quality time in a musical evening . Here are top 10 dishes to relish this Poila Baishakh (Bengali New year)

1. Shorshe posto bhetki

You will love this fish also called Indian Barramundi or Bhetki with a flaky soft meat cooked in a mild spicy nutty flavored gravy prepared with mustard seeds and poppy seeds paste.

Shorshe Posto Bhetki
Baramundi ,popularly known as "Bhetki" is cooked with mustard and poppy seeds paste in a creamy curry 
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bengali bhetki fish recipes

2. Ilish machh bhape

Hilsa fish smeared in mustard and green chili paste and steamed in a container, the aroma of mustard oil and fish brings back all memories from childhood.

Shorshe ilish bhapa recipe
This dish is an ancient dish from the East Bengal which involves steaming the  the fish with poppy seeds and mustard seeds paste, after smearing with generous amount of mustard oil. The fish retains it inherent aroma and taste and is spicy due to the addition of mustard paste ,a culinary icon  of  Bengal.
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ilish machh bhape(steamed hilsa fish)

3. Machher muro dal

A Bengali meal is not complete without this traditional dal prepared with the head of fish mainly Carps. The head of the big sized carps are used for this dal which are deep fried in mustard oil and cooked with roasted Moong dal and spices to give a special unique flavor to remember.

Fish head with moong dal recipe
This is a traditional Bengali recipe which involves cooking lentils with the fried head of carps. Carps are river fishes and huge heads of carps are available for sale separately in fish markets.It is very popular among the people living in Eastern part of India. One can cook with any sea fish also.But I recommend adding grated coconut to the dish in that case.Coconut dilutes the strong smell of the sea fishes. We find it excellent when served with hot steamed rice.
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4. Rui shorshe

Rui shorshe recipe
Todays post is about a common fish curry which we Bengalis cook up often in our kitchen with varietey of fishes like carps, Indian baramunda, Hilsa and others. They generally taste lovely with fresh water fishes. The aroma of mustard oil and dijon mustard paste add sharpness and zing to the final dish.
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Rui shorshe recipe

5. Kosha mangsho

Bengali kosha mangsho
This recipe will lead to a rich textured meat ,resulting from cooking on a slow fire for a long time.
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Bengli kosha mangsho

6. Mutton Rezala

A rich Mughlai era mutton stew with mild flavors. The dish is characterized by a light soupy whitish  rich gravy due to the addition of white poppy seeds paste and cashew nuts paste .The mutton needs to be marinated and a melt into mouth kind in the dish.

Mutton rezala
This is another mutton dish which is a part of Mughlai cuisine in Bengal .The dish is characterized by a light soupy whitish  rich gravy due to the addition of white poppy seeds paste and cashew nuts paste .You can serve the dish with steamed rice or naans..
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mutton rezala

7. Mangsher Jhol

Bongs are notorious meat lovers. So we can’t miss a hearty lamb curry with tender fall off beat from the bones of the lamb with potatoes with a hint of spice from the mustard oil and the hot chilies from Bengal.

Mangsher jhol
The  pieces of lamb mutton melting in the mouth and a spicy not so oily or greasy gravy with the flavor of green chilies and a sharp zing of mustard oil fills your whole house and your neighbor’s homes also with a aroma of meat while  this curry is cooking in your kitchen.You suddenly start feeling very very hungry and this curry is traditionally served with steamed rice but you can serve it with any Indian flat breads.
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8. Daab Chingri

This is another classic recipe where medium sized prawns are cooked in tender coconut inside the green coconut shell. The gravy has mild flavors of mustard and sweetness of the tender coconut pulp.

Daab Chingri
medium sized prawns coated with mild spices are cooked and served inside  the shell of a green coconut.
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Daab Chingri

9. Doi chingri recipe

Doi chingri recipe
Its a sweet and sour curry with jumbo prawns flavoured with whole spices. The curry is just simple with minimal
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Doi chingri

10. Mahi biryani

Mahi biriyani( fish biryani recipe indian)
Mahi in farsi means fish  and Mahi Pulao  is a dish which is originally Persian .But Mahi or fish biryani is a delicacy which originated in the Murshidabad province of Bengal where fish is a staple food. The cuisine of Murshidabad is hence a combination of mughlai food and Bengali cuisine  ..a delicious and aromatic amalgamation of flavors.
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Mahi biryani


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