24 August, 2015

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There are some days when I will love to make myself happy..and I think everyone should have the opportunity to do .We are always cooking and love to see smiles  on the face of our family members,guests,relatives,colleagues ,neighbors,sometimes friends ,sometimes virtual  friends and the list goes longer. If I start doing  an analysis ,I think most of the time I am  cooking for the happiness of others who are also my own people i.e the people whom I love and adore and  when they are not around I mostly don’t cook much,just a sandwich in jiffy may be ..It was one of those days when I was at home alone.I had college and my husband and daughter had happily gone out for shopping with my mom in law.There was a box of frozen prawns and the amazing herb basil.
If you read my recipes you may get an idea that basil is my favorite .I love anything, stir fry,curries,pesto ..anything with basil and I love another ingredient, lime.
Generally this lime variety is not easily found in Mumbai.My husband orders it from a special  shop who gets this variety from Bengal.We call it gondhoraaj lebu ..”Gondho” meaning fragrance and “Raj” meaning King in Bengali .This is rightly called the king of fragrance.So this is a simple stir fry,extremely tasty …as I trust my senses ,there was no body at home to compliment my dish and  I could not resist finishing the full plate.Before my family was home it was all over….I mean the dish..finger licking good.

Lets look at the ingredients

1.Prawns deveined and shelled (8 to 10)
2.Basil leaves (4 to 5)
3.Lime juice(1 lime)
4.Lime jest (1/2 tsp)
5.Tomatoes (2 pureed in grinder)
7.Garlic(7 to 8 small cloves or 2 big cloves) crushed
8.Green chillies (2 to 3) chopped
9.Black pepper (crushed fresh)
10.Dried basil (1/2 tsp)
11.chilly flakes(1 tsp)
12.cornflour (1 tsp)


1.Marinate the prawns in salt and lime juice for at least 10 minutes.
2.In a tbsp of oil add crushed garlic ,followed by tomato till the tomato is cooked and does not smell raw
3.Add the prawns and salt as per taste.
4.Add green chillies, hand torn basil leaves and lime zest cover cook for 5 minutes in low flame.
5.Add chilly flakes  and mix.
6.Dissolve 1 tsp cornflour in little water and add to the pan.
7.cook till it forms a nice sauce of medium consistency.
8.Just before taking out add black pepper roughly crushed and serve hot with rice.Garnish with basil leaves.
I had only this though .I am sure you will enjoy :)


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