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Chicken Curry cut pieces were there in my freezer .With that I wanted to make an interesting dinner quickly.So I decided to go for grilled chicken and this time I did it on the cooking gas oven directly over the flames and the dish was far more tasty than it looked.


1.Chicken cut pieces (8 to  10)
2. Lemon (juice of 1 lemon)
3. Salt as per taste


1. Red chilies(soaked in water)
2. Kashmiri chilly powder(1 tsp)
3. green chilies(4 to 5)
4. Onion (1)
5. Ginger (2 inch)
6. Garlic( 10 to 12 cloves)
7. Mustard oil(2 tbsp)
8. Butter (1 tsp)
9. Kasuri methi(1 tsp)(Fenugreek leaves)

1.Grind the spices together in the grinder into a smooth paste.
2.Marinate the chicken pieces with the spices ,lemon juice and salt for 1/2 hour.

You can prepare the dish in oven as well as over the gas.Both are mentioned.
1.Preheat the oven to 200 degrees for 5 mins
2.Lower the temperature to 150 degrees and grill the chicken for 30 minutes.


1. Add the chicken with the marinate in a wok or kadai and cook covered with a lid for 20 minutes till the marinate is dried and absorbed.
2.Take it out from the pan and pass the pieces through the “sheek”(steel rods) and burn it directly over flames.
3.Mix kashmiri chilly powder with oil and add it little by little on the chicken pieces so that it does not become too dry.

Serve the grilled chicken kebabs with hot chapatis or tandoori rotis


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