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Poila Baishakh (Bengali New year)

Poila Baishakh (Bengali New year)
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Poila Baisakh  is the first month of the Bengali Calendar). It’s the first day of the Bengali New Year, which usually falls in mid-April every year.It is celebrated in India and Bangladesh where Bengali is the mother tongue, and people wear new clothes, exchange sweets and gifts among friends and neighbours. Besides language if anything unites Bengalis are their rich culture and   authentic spectacular cuisine.In spite of the increasing popularity of junk food Bengalis popularly known as Bongs all over the world are still able to retain their love for authentic Bengali food.As a Bengali family residing outside Bengal we too love our indulgance in Fish and rice in various forms on Poila Baishakh and spend quality time in a musical evening …

fish potato fantasy



keema biriyani



mahi biriyani



mangsher jhol



daab chingri

chilly prawn


machher muro dal


mutton rezala






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