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Butter Chicken Masala

Butter Chicken Masala
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This is a classic Indian dish and one of my favorites.I love cooking this dish as it has some inherent flavor and even if you miss any ingredient it never turns out wrong.It will always taste good ,your guests will be impressed and will ask you the recipe of the same.There are many ways in which this dish can be cooked but this will give you the best of the taste and you will want to make it again and again.I wanted to make a video of this dish but because I shot it with my tablet, the video came of very poor quality.I hope to make a better video next time with some help.The video is included  in my blog ,you can take a look if you want.The gravy has a creamy texture and the chicken pieces have a smoky flavor which melt in your mouth.


1.Boneless chicken 400 gms
2.Onion (1 )
3.Ginger(1 and 1/2 inch)
4.Garlic (9 to 10 cloves)
5.Tomato (2 pureed)
6.All spice powder(2 tbsp)
7.Kashmiri or red chilly powder(2 tbsp)
8.Green chilies(2 cut into fine pieces)
10.Salt as per taste
11.Lemon juice(1 lemon)
12.Curd (1/2 cup)
13.Fresh cream(1 cup)
14.Butter (1/2 cup)
15.Fenugreek leaves dried (2 tbsp)
16.Coriander leaves for garnish
17.Cashewnut paste (2 to 3 tbsp)


1.Marinate the chicken with onion ,ginger garlic paste ,salt and lemon juice for 20 minutes.
2.On a wok add the marinated chicken pices and cook till the marinate gets dried and absorbed.
3.Pass the chicken pieces through iron or steel rods and put it on fire to get a smoky flavor.Alternatively you can grill them in oven.
4.Once the chicken are grilled shred them into pieces.
5.in the wok add butter and add tomato puree followed by curd
6.Add all spice powder and red chilly powder.
7.Saute it till oil foats on top and spices are cooked.
8.Add the chicken pieces.
9.Add cashewnut paste and cream.
10.saute for 5 minutes.
11 Add green chillies and at last add fenugreek leaves.
12.Saute for a minute and plate it immediately.You can serve it with roti,nans ,paratha or bread.



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