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Green herb chicken

Green herb chicken
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I think this is the quickest chicken recipes I ever made.I am in a lot of hurry in the morning when I have to leave for college,pack my child’s tiff in and also prepare something for the lunch .Sometimes I get up late and I hardly have 30 minutes in hand to do all of these and if I have not taken out the meat or fish from the freezer for thawing early, then a big mess,I lose time .So today was such a day when everything went wrong..So I decided to make this green chicken with the herbs with the ingredients I had in hand and the results were great,within 20 minutes my curry was ready and tasty too…

1.Coriander leaves (1 bunch)
2.Thyme (3 tbsp) or Ajwain(1/2 tbsp)
3.Basil leaves (3 to 4)
4.Garlic (7 to 8)
5.Green chilies( 3 to 4)
6.Chicken legs (6 to 7)or curry cut
7.Curd(1/2 cup)

1.Grind coriander leaves ,green chilies,garlic and curd into fine paste.
2.mash the basil leaves with some chopped garlic in the mortar roughly.
3.Add 1/4th cup of olive oil in the wok and heat.Add the chicken pieces in batches and fry till it is tender.Take out the chicken legs
4.Add basil and garlic .
5.Add the coriander leaves paste into it.
6.Once the herb paste is fried and it changes color and oil floats on top add the chicken.
7.Add salt if required.
8.Cover and cook till the chicken is tender and cooked thoroughly.
9.Add thyme or ajwain and mix.Cook for 5 minutes more on low flame.
9.Your colorful green herb chicken is ready .Serve with roti or rice


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