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Chushi pithar payesh

Chushi pithar payesh
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Pitha are baked ,fried or steamed dumplings popularly relished in the Eastern part of India and Bangladesh .They have quite similarity to handmade pastas made in Italy ,only they are egg-less in India.

Chushi are small elliptical dumplings of the length of approximately two rice grains taken together.They are traditionally made of rice powder.Some people may make with flour or semolina also.Choshi pitha has almost become a lost recipe now due to the amount of time and dedication this recipe demands .This was popular during the times where joint families were common the elderly women of the family had enough time to make these “choshi” with hand as they require immense patience and then these have to be dried in the sun.These can then be stored in jars for several months and can be consumed.

chushi pitha

I am  fond of traditional dishes and I am proud to say that ,I have prepared this dish several times in my home despite my erratic work schedule though the shapes of my “choshi” may be compromised sometimes.


  1. Rice powder 2 cups
  2. Water  according to need
  3. Salt  1 tsp
  4. Milk (1 ltre)
  5. Date Jaggery (1 cup molten) or sugar 1 and half cup
  6. Bay leaves 2
  7. Cardamom (4 )


  1. Add rice flour to a pan on low flame.
  2. Add warm water 1/2 cup at a time and salt .Mix with spoon
  3. Add more water little at a time till the flour forms a dough and leave the sides of the pan.
  4. switch off the flame and take out the dough from the pan to a plate or container.
  5. Wet your hands and knead to a soft dough.
  6. You can rest the dough after covering it with a cling film for sometimes or make the pithas while still hot.
  7. Make small balls from the mixture and by rubbing your palms together give the shape of “chushi” or ellipse with pointed ends.
  8. Place all these pithas on paper and dry in sun light for around 4 to 5 hours till they are completely dry and hard.
  9. Once the “chushi pitha” is ready ,you can store them in containers.
  10. Boil 1 litre of milk with bay leaves and cardamoms.
  11. reduce the milk till half.
  12. Add these pithas in the milk and cook on low flame stirring ,taking care not to burn.
  13. When they are tender and cooked. Add sugar or date  jaggery.
  14. Keep the heat low and do not boil it too much at this stage specially if you are using jaggery.
  15. There is a chance that the milk may curdle.When the sugar dissolves ,switch off the oven and serve hot or chilled.



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