Breakfast Dessert


This is a humble dessert which graces all the festivals and occasions in India.India is a vast country where the language and dialect changes every 100 km.So this  dish changes its name and flavor in various regions of India .In West  it is known as Basundi,in South India it is called payasam,in North India it is called kheer and East India ,payesh.
This post is dedicated to the Foodies + community ,kids friendly recipes month and this recipe has a very special position traditionally in introducing solid food to the infants in Bengal.When the infants are just 6 months old ,there is a special ceremony called “Mookhe bhat” or annaprashan (anna meaning rice) where the child is introduced to a  platter of traditional food amidst celebration in silver plates and bowls .The kids love this and sometimes can be served as a dessert.With this dish we introduce rice ,which is the primary food  of East India.Traditionally aromatic rice called “gobindo bhog” is used.You can also use saffron and dried fruits.


1.Milk (1 ltr).
2.Rice (a handful) 1/4th cup(short grained  aromatic rice preferably)(soaked for half an hour)
3.Green cardamoms(3 to 4)
4.Bay leaves(2)
5.Sugar (1/2 cup)
6.Roasted cashew nuts(a handful) [optional] 7.Raisins(1/4th cup)[optional]


1.Boil milk in low heat till it is reduced to half.
2.Add the powdered cardamom and bay leaves.
3.Add rice.,cashew nuts and raisins
4.Stir and cook till the rice is tender.
5.Add sugar.cook tll the sugar melts completely.
6.Serve as a dessert,hot or chilled.



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She is passionate about cooking and loves to blog about food and travel.This blog is like my baby as I have built it from scratch by myself with little help from colleagues ,friends and of course Google.

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