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Stuffed Teasle Gourd Bong Style(Pur bhora kakrol)

Stuffed Teasle Gourd Bong Style(Pur bhora kakrol)
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As a Bengali,I have always loved traditional Bengali food and one of these is stuffed kakrol. Kakrol is a vegetable which is also known as Teasle gourd in English.You may recognize the image even if you can’t recollect the name.But you need these vegetables a little bigger in size so  that it is easy for the stuffing.Generally in Maharashtra these are available in small sizes.So this Summer vacation when I went to my hometown Kolkata,I brought some of these with me so that I can try this traditional vegetarian dish.

 Main Ingredient

  1. Kakrol or Teasle gourd(5 to 6)
  2. Green chillies(2 to 4) depending on how much spicy you want
  3. Mustard(3 tbsp)
  4. Grated Coconut(1 cup)
  5. Salt(as per taste)
  6. Sugar (1/2 tbsp or as per taste)
     Ingredients for frying
  • Besan or Maida 
  • 2 cups of sunflower or mustard  oil
     Preparing the Kakrol
      1.Cut the vegetables into half.
      2.Boil them in a pressure cooker with little salt.
      3.Scoop out   the flesh .
      4.Separate the seeds

     1. Grind Mustard ,Green chillies and Coconut into a smooth mixture
     2.Note :To grind mustard in Mixer grinder ,You have to be careful so that it does not turn bitter.
     3.Mix mustard with a little salt and grind first.
     4.Then mix desiccated coconut and green chilies and  grind again until smooth.
     5.You can add a little water if desired.
     6.Saute the mixture with the scooped out flesh of the vegetable on a tsp of mustard oil on heat till the mixture is dry enough.
     7.Add little sugar(optional, but I like it) 



  1. Stuff the scooped vegetables with the mixture
  2. Don fill with too much mixture as it is very spicy.Fill only half of the kakrol.
  3. Make a batter with Maida ,salt and water and beat.
  4. The batter should be think enough to coat the vegetables.
  5. Add a spoon of hot oil to the mixture .It will help make the fry crisp.
  6. Dip the teasle gourds or kakrol in the batter and fry in oil.

You can serve it  hot with Rice.
You can eat it as an appetizer or mash it with rice directly and eat your way.
It is any way going to be tasty.


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