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Indian vegetarian meal ideas | 51 Indian vegetarian food recipes

Indian food is all about balancing nutrients, about local ingredients and seasonal flavors. Traditional rich in dietary fibers ,emphasis on local ingredients and combining ingredients based on principles of Ayurveda makes it healthy for the body.

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vegetarian meal suggestions

Benefits of  some commonly used Indian spices

Turmeric: Turmeric is an Ayurveda remedy used for years in Indian kitchen. Its key antioxidant, curcumin, has healing properties. It is used to relieve pain, detoxify liver and aids digestions

Cinnamon: Helps in digestion ,clearing respiratory tract,detoxifying body has warming ,comforting and soothing effect on your body

Cloves: Cloves contain eugenol which are natural antioxidants and reduce oxidative stress in our body. They are anti carcinogenic, anti bacterial and improve bone and liver health. It is a one stop solution  for digestive problems, nausea, and vomiting.  They are analgesic ,means pain relievers

Cardamom: The antioxidant and diuretic properties of cardamom build immunity. It has anti-inflammatory compounds and can prevent chronic diseases.

Cumin:   Cumin is used for Reducing swelling,Relieving pain,indigestion,blood sugar control, reviving taste during sickness etc

Chili:  Green chilies are healthier than red chilies ,but both chilies aid in digestion and help to burning up calories and increasing rate of metabolism.Green chilies also are a rich source of beta carotene.A compound called capsaicin present  in red chili increases the body’s metabolism rate that directly burns down calories.

Coriander: It helps  to  decrease abdominal pain, bloating, and discomfort, and is an appetite stimulant apart from the other benefits like fighting infections and helps to protect skin.


vegetarian meal suggestions


Indran vegetarian meal planner



Weekend  vegetarian menu suggestion (sample 1)

  • Starter (any 1)

  • Cilantro stuffed jalapenos (Bharwa mirchi)

stuffed jalapenos | stuffed jalapeno peppers
These are stuffed jalapenos with stuffed spicy cilantro chutney
Check out this recipe
  • Chili potatoes

Chili potato wedges
The crispy potato wedges are sauted in Chinese flavored sauce. Its a great appetiser to serve in any get-togethers and everyone including kids will love them.
Check out this recipe
chili potatoes
  • Salad

  • Lauki raita

Lauki raita
This is a traditional recipe from Bihar which is a place in Eastern India where the people suffer from heat strokes due to the flow of Hot air called loo during Summer.It is also a place where Buddhism was in its peak during the time Gautam Buddha (the spiritual leader of Buddhism) and due to his influence the food is mainly vegetarian.
Check out this recipe
  • Main course (any 2)

  • Chana dal

Chholar dal
Bengal gram dal cooked with spices more on the sweeter side to taste
Check out this recipe
Chholar dal
  • Kadai matar

Kadai matar | Green peas masala curry
This is a Indian spicy vegetarian recipe which can be prepared when seasonal green peas when they are available in abundance.Many of my neighbors buy green peas in a bulk ,shell it and store  it in the freezer in big containers so that they can use it when it is not in season.Fresh green peas is better than the preserved ones available in the super markets.
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  • Palak paneer

Palak paneer
Authentically this dish is prepared with homemade cottage cheese produced from curdled milk and then pressed with a stone to form solid block of cottage cheese.But nowadays one can buy readymade cottage cheese or tofu from the market for this dish.
Check out this recipe
palak paneer
  • Bread (1 bread +1 rice)/(1 bread/1 rice )

  • Steamed rice

  • Tomato rice

Tomato rice
Tomato rice is an excellent recipe you can make with leftover rice.It traditionally belongs to the city of the Nizam ,Hyderabad where tomato is considered an important component.Because of the huge cultivation of red chilies in Andhra Pradesh the local cuisines are spicy and red colored with the use of red hot chili powder.But you can use a lesser spicy Kashmiri chilly powder if you want and make  the dish still look red hot and spicy by using red juicy tomatoes.
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  • Luchi

Luchi torkari recipe
Luchi ar alur torkari is a popular Bengali traditional breakfast from the Eastern part of the country.In other parts of India fried flat breads involves addition of whole wheat flour and are called poories but luchi are inherently made of only refined flour and look white and fluffy. They are served with potato curries called Alur torkari in Bengali.
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Luchi ar alur torkari
  • Peas kachori

Peas kachori
This is very popular breakfast recipe among the people of East India mainly Bengal.These small rolled  stuffed wheat breads can be deep fied in oil ,vanaspati(hydrogenated oil)or ghee.We eat these with a side dish made of Channa dal or a curry made of potatoes.I made these recently during Navratri for my young little guests(friends of my daughter) who came to our house in the morning of Mahastami(8th day of Navratri) and they all ate with relish.Hope you all enjoy cooing and having it too.
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  • Dessert (any 1)

  • Baked yoghurt

Baked mango yogurt
This is a very easy and quick recipe and very versatile to serve during any celebration as well as casual get together.
Check out this recipe
Baked yogurt
  • Payesh

This is a humble dessert which graces all the festivals and occasions in India.India is a vast country where the language and dialect changes every 100 km.So this  dish changes its name and flavor in various regions of India .In West  it is known as Basundi,in South India it is called payasam,in North India it is called kheer and East India ,payesh.
Check out this recipe


Download your copy of 51 vegetarian dishes recipes.

Just tap on the images to get the recipe


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