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Icy spicy Jaljeera

This is a drink which is very popular during Indian Summer season.It has digestive qualities as well due to the presence of Ginger and cumin.The  word Jal-Jeera contains the word Jeera which means cumin in English. Ingredients Cumin (whole) 1 tbsp Fennel seeds(whole) 1/2 tbsp Dry mango powder(1/4th tsp) Dry ginger powder(1/2 tsp) Black pepper …


Watermelon apple cooler

This juice works wonders for your body before you go out in the sun and work for the whole day. You don’t really need ice for cooling as this juice is in itself a body cooler. More than 90% of the fruit watermelon contains water which is essential for retaining the water content of our …

mango drink

Mango ginger detox

You can beat the blistering Summer heat with this wonderful drink which also detoxifies your body  and has minimum calories. Ginger  has been used in Ayurveda from ancient times for numerous digestive and healing benefits. This drink combines the health benefits of ginger and detoxifying properties of the seasonal fruit mango in one drink and …