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Prawn stir fry

Kerala style prawn stirfry

This is a very quick recipe to adopt in a hurry .The dish does not need much preparation and is yet delicious.The dish is from the coasts of Kerala ,which is known for its natural beauty and the coastline bordered with coconut trees is heaven for seafood lovers.The Malayali people ,the residents of Kerala cook …


Icy spicy Jaljeera

This is a drink which is very popular during Indian Summer season.It has digestive qualities as well due to the presence of Ginger and cumin.The  word Jal-Jeera contains the word Jeera which means cumin in English. Ingredients Cumin (whole) 1 tbsp Fennel seeds(whole) 1/2 tbsp Dry mango powder(1/4th tsp) Dry ginger powder(1/2 tsp) Black pepper …


Chicken liver stir fry with noodles

This is a fusion recipe which I made on my husband’s request .It  suddenly became a great hit in my house.The flavor of Indian curry powder with Chinese seasonings are absorbed  well into the main ingredients and the strong aroma filled the whole  house . Ingredients 1.Chicken liver and kidney(200 gm) 2.Onions (cut into large …

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