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Ten Indian street food to try at home during lockdown

During this period of pandemic outburst we are all locked down at home forced to lead a quarantine life. We need sustainable homemade food which is nutritious to help us keep our body healthy and fit for doing all the chores at home, office work ,build immunity and stay happy and joyful. Since we are completely cut off from binging on street food , recreating those lip smacking flavors at home with a twist of health  is an important necessity. Food has to be delicious ,loved by family members including kids and yet has to be nutritious and fulfilling for the body and the soul.

So heres a roundup of recipes from my blog:-


1.Cauliflower Samosa

A street food from Bengal made during the Winter with local seasonal cauliflower harvest often with roasted peanuts and coconut pieces. Heaven on plate

Fulkopir shingara
This is another great street food around the Dakshineshwar Kali Goddess temple in Bengal. The samosas are fried in Vanaspati (Dalda) and are super crispy and has that extra flavor . At home I fry in vegetable oil. But there is something special about the filling which is simple not too spicy and bursting with flavors. Today I am going to share the recipe of a samosa which I had in the Bankura district of Bengal I have been recently. The filling contained fried groundnuts and coconut pieces.
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2.Mooli kachori

A North Indian snacks consists of deep fried flat breads filled with spiced grated radish

Mooli kachori
Deep fried flatbreads stuffed with spicy radish filling.
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Muli ki kachori

3.Sev puri

Crispy flour disks topped with lipsmacking  fillings made of potato spiced with sweet and sour chutney

Sev Batata puri
Sev batata puri is a popular Maharashtrian street food recipe ,a typical canape suitable for serving in any parties.Canapes are small bite sized snacks served as a starters.These can be easily make at home.Sev are crispy fried thin strands made up of chickpea flour.If you are staying outside India you can get it in any Indian store.There is no  substitute for sev but you can use grated processed cheese for a different taste.
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4.Egg roll

On the go  meal, frided flatbread stuffed with fried egg and vegetables ,juicy with tomato kechup, favorite street food for college goers ,teens and people of Bengal.

Egg roll | Egg franky
This is a fun snacks which I was familiar since the childhood.In the streets of Kolkata ,it was the most popular street foods.The Indian fried flat-breads were coated with fried egg and filled with various mouthwatering fillings like meat kebabs,chilly chicken or raw vegetable salads to form a scrumptious delicacy.The  street food business can never go wrong with the rolls and the shops were always thronged with a group of individuals from the age group ranging from school goers to the senior citizens.
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Egg frankie

5.Idli sambar chutney

You can’t go wrong with this popular soft fluffy disks made of rice and lentils a popular South Indian breakfast all over the world.

Idli sambar chutney
This is  a popular Indian breakfast all over the world.The hot steamed ,soft rice and lentil cakes are traditionally served with a dal (lentils gravy)prepared with vegetables and special spices.Curry leaves are the only herbs which can endow this indigenous and authentic  taste for this dish.Apart from this gravy a chutney is also served which varies from state to state and even from city to city containing the common ingredient of the south coastal lines, coconut.This is the staple breakfast of the state of Tamil Nadu which has gained its popularity all over India and even world due to its simplicity,filling property and easy digestible benefits.As a combo this can also be served in Lunch or dinner as main course.
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Idli sambar chutney

6.Peas kachori

Another Winter delicacy, deep fried crispy flatbreads stuffed with spicy peas mixture, to be served with Chana dal or dum Alu .

Peas kachori
This is very popular breakfast recipe among the people of East India mainly Bengal.These small rolled  stuffed wheat breads can be deep fied in oil ,vanaspati(hydrogenated oil)or ghee.We eat these with a side dish made of Channa dal or a curry made of potatoes.I made these recently during Navratri for my young little guests(friends of my daughter) who came to our house in the morning of Mahastami(8th day of Navratri) and they all ate with relish.Hope you all enjoy cooing and having it too.
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7.Ragda patties

Heart shaped potato patties soaked in yellow peas curry spiced with sweet and sour chutney

Ragda patties
This is another beautiful Mumbai street food to die for.The spicy sweet and sour ragda or yellow peas curry over potato patties make a one pot filling meal.The curry can be customized to taste by adding various sweet ,sour or spicy chutneys Over all a lip smacking dish to prepare for Sunday breakfast or evening snacks.
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ragda patties

8.Tofu and sprouts pav bhaji

A mashed vegetable sauce originally prepared with seasonal vegetables and cooked  in lots of butter made healthy  with the goodness of sprouts and tofu.

Dairy free ,vegan.

Tofu and Sprouts Bhaji Pav
Pav bhaji is a street food in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra.It is quick snack or a whole meal.It is nutricious and very popular among children.You have to serve this paste of mashed cooked  vegetables with breads or buns and within second the plate is clean.One can make this dish with one's own choice of vegetables.
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9.Medu vada sambar

Crispy lentil fritters dipped in mouthwatering tangy lentil gravy cooked in various parts of the country in different versions.

Medu vada sambhar
It is a traditional snacks of South India.It is made from split black gram lentils which is rich in essential fatty acids.This snacks is one of our family favorites though our origin is not South India.The Lentils is ground and the batter is immediately deep fried in oil.For fluffier vadas I add a pinch of baking soda.You can serve this snacks with any sauce or coconut chutney.But I find it the best when immersed in another type of cooked lentils called sambhar.The sambar is made with yellow lentils  and is extremely nutritious as it is packed with other veggies.The main challenge is how to make the hole at the center of the vadas.This time I took a shortcut and used icing bag without the nozzle to make ring like vadas.  
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10. Batata vada

The most versatile potato patties spiced with mustard seeds and curry leaves seasonings sandwiched between Indian local buns. Just mouth watering.

Batata vada
Vada pav is the most popular street food in Mumbai.People here ,are in love with "pav" which is a form of bread almost similar to burger buns and the food which are soaring in high demands are Pav-bhaji,misal-pav,vada-pav etc.Being originally from Bengal I am a born rice lover.But slowly and slowly I started developing the taste for  some of these street foods and their accompaniments.
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Indrani Sen is a teacher,lecturer in Information Technology/Computer Science for the past 12 years. She has authored 4 text books in Information Technology.
She is passionate about cooking and loves to blog about food and travel.This blog is like my baby as I have built it from scratch by myself with little help from colleagues ,friends and of course Google.

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