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9 December, 2015

Chicken and vegetable lentil soup

Chicken and vegetable  lentil soup
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This is my childhood favorite soup which we prepare during every winter season.Packed with vitamins,minerals and good nutrients it will help to build immunity for kids and keep us healthy and active.One can make it vegetarian also without adding chicken ..it is equally tasty. Ingredients Beetroot chopped into cubes(1/2 cup) Carrots cubed (1/2 cup) Beans
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13 October, 2015

Chicken and vegetable stew

Chicken and vegetable stew
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This s a very simple and easy chicken soup which can be a hot favorite of kids and elders alike specially during cold winter mornings.Oh ! my mouth starts watering even imaging the dish.You can  serve this with garlic breads or Indian flat breads..My child loves it.But while cooking for a child one should take care of
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