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Grilled chicken mustard sandwich

Grilled chicken mustard sandwich
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This is a tasty sandwich with smoky grilled chicken filling ,spiced with mustard sauce….

1.Boneless chicken(100 gm)
2.Soy sauce (2 tbsp)
3.Salt(as per taste)
4.Lemon juice(2 tbsp)
5.Black pepper(1 tbsp coarsely ground)
6.Ginger garlic paste(2 tbsp)
7.Chilly flakes(1 tsp)
8.Onions finely sliced(1 onion)
9.Mustard sauce(grind Dijon mustard seeds(1/4th cup) ,lemon juice(2 to 3 tsp),green chilies(as per taste) and salt finely with 1 tsp olive oil or mustard oil)
10. Barbecue sauce (optional)


1.Marinate the boneless chicken with all the ingredients (numbered from 2 to 7).
2.Grill the chicken  in the  sandwich griller directly or in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes brushed with two to 3 tbsp of oil  or butter.When they get a golden brown color shred the chicken pieces coarsely.
3.Take a pair of brown bread slices.
4.Apply mustard sauce generously on them
5.place some onions on the bottom slice.
6.place the chicken pieces .Drizzle mustard sauce and barbecue sauce and place the top slice.
7.Add a tsp of butter and grill for  5 to 8 minutes.



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