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Mutton gravy with papaya

Mutton gravy with papaya
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Papaya is a magic vegetable which can be consumed in both ripe and  green unripe form.But unlike the ripe papaya which can be consumed as a fruit,the unripe papaya needs to be cooked.It has a collection of enzymes papain and chymopapain which can improve your digestion converts proteins into essential amino acids, cleanses the colon.It is also known to reduce wrinkles and hold your youth.Papayas are rich sources of antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C, flavonoids, folate, potassium, etc and is good for heart diseases.

Due to the presence of these enzyme papaya juice can be used to marinate meat and is used to reduce the cooking time for the mutton which takes long time to become tender.The mutton recipe which I am sharing makes a light mutton gravy which is extremely tasty and easy to digest.I am also adding a whole garlic into the gravy,which will add to the taste and even you can have that garlic after the dish is cooked or you can discard it.



1.Mutton 400gms
2. Onions (2)
3.Garlic (8 to 10 cloves)
4.Ginger(1/2 inch)
5.Red chilly powder(1 tbsp)
6.Cumin powder(1 tbsp)
7.Coriander powder(1 tbsp)
8.Turmeric powder(1/2 tbsp)
9.Garlic whole(1)
10.Whole green chilies(3 to 4)
11.All spice powder(preferably cinnamon,clove,cardamom,black pepper)
12.Oil (4 to 5 tbsp)
13.Potatoes (cut into half)
14.Green papaya cut into big squares
Green Papaya
1.Marinate mutton with turmeric powder,salt and 1 tbsp of oil (preferably mustard oil) for 15 minutes.
2.grind the onions,ginger,garlic into a paste.
3.Add oil in the wok and fry the potatoes brown.
4.fry the paste in the oil  till golden brown.
5.Add cumin,coriander and chilli powder and fry till oil leves the pan.
6.Add the mutton and salt to taste  and cook for sometime around 15 mins over  medium heat.
7.Add the papayas ,potatoes and the whole garlic  and cook for another 10 minutes.
8.Add the garam masala or all spice powder and simmer.Add green chillies
9.if the mutton is tender and the potatoes,papaya pieces and the whole garlic is cooked take it out otherwise pressure cook till one whistle.
10.Serve with steamed rice.



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