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Sweet and sour GarlicChilly Prawn

Sweet and sour  GarlicChilly Prawn
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There may be many variant of this recipe in different countries .But this recipe came out very well and the dish looked great.The dish has flavor from red chilies and garlic and looks nice red in color.
You can prepare this dish in special occasions and earn accolades.


1.6 to 8 Jumbo prawns.
2.Lemon juice (2 lemons around 1/2 cup)
3.Sugar powder (2 tbsp)
4.Salt (as per taste)
5.Red chilies(5 to 6) soaked in little water with 1 tbsp vinegar and 1/2 tbsp sugar for 2 to 3 hours
6.Garlic (9 to 10) cloves
7.Ginger garlic paste(1/2 tbsp)
8.Cornflour (2 tbsp)
9.Egg (1   )
10.Finely chopped spring onions( for garnishing)
11.Green chilly (1 chopped finely) for garnish
12. Kashmiri chilly powder (1 tbsp)



1.Marinate prawns with lemon juice,salt ,sugar and ginger garlic paste.
2.Make a batter with cornflour,egg,salt and water.
3.Dip the prawns one by one into the batter and deep fry them in oil.
4.Make a paste of red chilies and garlic.
5.In the wok add 2 tbsp of oil and add the red chilly paste and saute it.
6. Add the prawns and add 1 tbsp of kashmiri chilly powder for natural color or a pinch of red food color.
7.Add the remaining marinade and cover cook it till dry but juicy.
8.garnish with spring onions and green chilies

9.Serve hot with steamed or fried rice.



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