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Peas kachori( peas stuffed crisp indian bread)

Peas kachori( peas stuffed crisp indian bread)
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This is very popular breakfast recipe among the people of East India mainly Bengal.These small rolled  stuffed wheat breads can be deep fied in oil ,vanaspati(hydrogenated oil)or ghee.We eat these with a side dish made of Channa dal or a curry made of potatoes.I made these recently during Navratri for my young little guests(friends of my daughter) who came to our house in the morning of Mahastami(8th day of Navratri) and they all ate with relish.Hope you all enjoy cooing and having it too.

makes 10 kachoris


1.Green Peas (200 gms)
2.Whole Wheat flour(200 gms)
3.Refined wheat flour(150 gms)
4.3/4th cup oil( for making the dough)
5.4 to 5 cups of oil for deep frying
6.Asafoetida(Hing 1 tbsp)
7.Ginder(1 inch )
8.Green chilies( 2)
9.Fennel seeds( powder 1 tbsp)
10.Salt( as per taste)
11.Sugar(1 tsp)

Making stuffing

1.Grind the green peas in a mixer grinder
2.grind the ginger and green chillies.
3.Add a tsp of oil in the wok.
4.Add ginger paste to it.
5.After frying it for while add asafoetida powder and fellel seeds powder.
6.Add the green peas paste.
7.Add salt and sugar.
8.stir it vigorously for aroungd 10 to 15 minutes till the mixture does not leave the sides of the wok.
9.Take it out in a container for cooling.

Making the dough
1.Add oil and a pinch of salt to the flour.Add just enough water.
2.Knead it with palms to make a soft but tight and firm dough.
3.Beat it with hands to soften it.
4.Cover it with a clean cloth and keep.


Making Kachoris

1.Make small balls from the dough (around the size of a plum)
2.Roll it with loose flour on a platform.
3.keep the stuffing in the middle.
4.Fold and close it form a round disk.
5.Keep it aside for 10 minutes.
6.After 10 minutes add the oil in the wok and heat it till it is ready for deep fry.
7.Roll the disks into round green breads ,add it into the oil till golden brown and crispy.
8.Take it out serve with dal or tomato ketchup.



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