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11 May, 2016

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Pathar Bangla(bengali style mutton curry recipe without garlic)

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This is a special bengali style mutton curry recipe cooked in special occasions .In older days this dish was cooked without onion  and garlic and the mutton used was the meat of a male goat (Patha)sacrificed in front of the Goddess Kali.Yes animal sacrifice in front of God was predominant among the community which was rarely seen during these days.The meat of the sacrificed goat was then distributed as “prasada” which means religious offering to God.This meat was cooked in a way without onion and garlic which were considered untouchable vegetables  as far as God’s offering is considered.This mutton curry was also known as “Prashadi manghso”.This is a traditional curry cooked in the traditional way and only local vegetables were used.Tomatoes were not too much common in the curries of Bengal.But you can add tomatoes and onions to this recipe as per your  taste.The recipe is from an old cookbook by “Purnima thakur”.

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  1. Lamb meat or male goat meat(1 Kg)
  2. Clarified butter or Ghee(1 cup)
  3. Turmeric(1 tsp)
  4. Onions (2 ) optional paste
  5. Ginger paste(3 tbsp)
  6. Coriander seeds( 6 to 7 tbsp) or 1/2 cup
  7. Red chilly(7 to 8 )
  8. Curd or unsweetened yoghurt( 1 cup)
  9. Potatoes (4 to 5) cut into halves and fried
  10. Cumin seeds( 3 to 4 tbsp)
  11. Green chillies( 4to 5) or as per taste
  12. Salt( as per taste)
  13. Water (1 cup)


  1. Make a smooth paste of coriander seeds and red chilies.
  2. Add ghee in the pan and heat.
  3. Add onion and ginger paste and fry.
  4. Add the coriander and red chilly paste and fry.
  5. Add turmeric and curd and fry till oil separates.
  6. Add the mutton and salt to taste and keep sauting till the rawness of the mutton disappears.
  7. Add potatoes followed by hot water and continute to cook (around 45 mins to an hour) till the meat leaves the bones and all the fat melts.
  8. If the potatoes are cooked and mutton is not   cooked to your preference then take out the potatoes from the gravy and add it later.
  9. Add green chillies slit into halves.
  10. Roast the cumin seeds and powder it .Sprinkle over the cooked mutton curry once it is ready.
  11. Serve hot with steamed rice.








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