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Baked Pineapple Fish

My family loves fish meals ,so innovative recipes of fish is a necessity.Combining fish with fruits makes it stand out.The fruit provides its natural color ,aroma and sweetness to the dish.This recipe is also an innovation when there was a cut pineapple in my refrigerator and fish fillets left  to be cooked.Fish and vegetables can …

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Fresh cream Pineapple cake

This time on my birthday on 22nd sepetember I prepared this cake and shared with my family,colleagues and neighbours.You can add any other fruits also to make a different variety.But the Basic sponge cake should be good.I did no feel the exhaustion due to the presence of a little helper my 8 year daughter in …

Baking frenzy Dessert


The name muffin itself comes either from “muffe” or “moufflet”. Muffe is a kind of cake from Germany and moufflet is a French word which means a soft bread.Generally muffins lack icing.But I decided to add the chocolate sauce .My muffins are made up of whole wheat flour as it is more healthy,but you can …