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Grilled vegetable mozzarella sandwich

Grilled vegetable mozzarella sandwich
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The sandwich is stuffed with one’s choice of veggies and mozzarella cheese.It is nutritional filling and beautiful looking dish per cfect for a Sunday breakfast or brunch.


1.Lettuce(torn with hand )
4.Green bell peppers(sliced finely)
5.Red Black pepper(sliced finely)
6.Yellow bell pepper(sliced finely)
7.Cucumber (sliced)
8.Chilly flakes(1 tsp)
9.Black pepper(1 tbsp)
10.Lemon juice(1/4th cup)
11.green chilly(1 finely sliced)
12.Mozzarella (shredded 1 cup)
13.Sea salt (as per taste) sugar or honey (1 tsp)
14.Olive oil(2 tsp)
15.Chilly flakes(1 tbsp)
16.Brown bread (4) for 2 sandwiches


1.Marinate the veggies with salt and lemon juice,sugar,green chilies  and black pepper.
2.arrange the vegetables slices on the brown bread and sprinkle black pepper.
3.Spread grated mozzarella and place another brown bread on top.
4.Drizzle olive oil.
5.Grill for 20 minutes



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