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Papaya Pineapple orange smoothie

Papaya Pineapple orange smoothie
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This is a quick and easy drink fit for all ages.It includes the miracle fruit Papaya which  has huge range of functions and benefits  starting from improving digestion ,lowering cholestrol,low in sugar content ,holding your youth and bringing beautiful glow to your  skin.The combination just creates magic together.
1.Ripe papaya(5 to 6 big pieces)
2.Pineapple (2 to 3 ) pieces
3.Sugar (optional) if the fruits are sweet enough ,you dont need any
4.Orange juice(1/2 cup)
5.water[1/2 cup]



1.Cut the fruits into big pieces
2.Blend in a grinder.Add orange juice and water
3.Serve chilled in Glasses


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