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pineapple cake
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Eggless Pineapple cake

A few weeks before I had conducted a baking workshop at home for eggless cakes .It was fun.This pineapple cake was one of them.This was easy moist ,juicy and pretty to look at. This is an eggless fruit cream cake smelling heavenly and delicious with the natural flavor of pineapple.Decorated with dairy free whipped cream …


Bahaman Sweet potato

This is a very simple yet delicious dish from Bahamas which is an archipelago in the Atlantic ocean  famous for its traditional seafood dishes.The main ingredient is sweet potato  which is packed with nutrients,Vitamin A and rich in dietary  fibers. This is a popular sweet dish which is taken during breakfast or as a dessert.This …



It is a delicious preparation for the summer prepared by thickening milk and adding flavors to it .The main challenge here is to freeze the kulfi in the freezer as with the increase in content of sugar it becomes very soft and difficult to freeze.You can add fruits syrups or even chocolate to make different …