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10 Birthday cake ideas for girls


The custom of celebrating birthday with cakes and candles hail from early Greek culture where people used to celebrate the birthday of their Goddess during every 6th day of the Lunar month and Greeks used to take the cake to the temple of Artemis who is the Goddess of fertility and protector of mothers during child birth.
The smokes of the candles are believed to carry prayers to the Gods for their wish to come true.
Every year since the birth of my child I bake a homemade cake for her during her birthday. I had initially learnt baking a cake only for this purpose. As she has grown over the years from a bundle of joy to a beautiful toddler and a pre-teen now, baking during her birthdays has become a ritual and a source of pleasure and happiness . It gives me an opportunity to bond with her whether it is asking for her suggestions in decoration or making her an active assistant.

In this post I want to share with some cake recipes suggestions which you can prepare easily on your kids birthday. I had faced a lot of difficulties in baking initially but it improved over the years.

Pool cake

This is a nice idea decorating the cake like a pool with toys inserted and the border done with chocolate bars. For the color I used sweet lime and orange  syrup which has the flavor of sweet lime and a very pleasant blue color. click here for the recipe

citrus pool cake

Chocolate mousse cake

A chocolate cake filled with chocolate sauce inside and layered with chocolate mousse. The chocolate mousse was prepared by beating cream cheese , eggs and whipped cream together . The cake should be prepared in a spring form mold so that the cheese cake topping can set. and then its decorated with fondant flowers.

Descendants cake

Its a regular egg-less vanilla cake ,filled with cream flavored with strawberries and blue berries crush and then covered with a white and violet fondant. before wrapping the cake with fondant rolled and cut accordingly ,you need to cover the cake with a butter cream icing . Butter cream icing is prepared by whipping butter and sugar powder together, followed by condensed milk.this helps the fondant to stick to the cake.
I have got this descendants picture from the web printed on a sugar sheet and pasted on the fondant covered cake. The cake is then decorated with whipped cream.


Rose cake

Make a simple vanilla sponge cake with egg or egg-less.Soak the cake with rose syrup. Slice  the cake into halves and sandwich the cake with  whipped cream flavored with  rose syrup. Cover the cake with a cream cheese frosting and then decorate with red butter cream icing.

Red velvet cake with lemon butter frosting

This is a spongy red colored cake very pleasing to the eyes covered with a lemon butter icing which is sweet and sour to taste. Click here for the recipe.

Ragi chocolate cake

On a regular basis when i prepare cakes I prefer to use gluten free flours. Ragi cake is  also preferred when you are baking cakes for infants under 5 years. Ragi makes excellent combination with chocolate and will give you one of the most chocolaty cakes you have ever had. Click here for the recipe

healthy chocolate cake
healthy chocolate cake

Eggless Pineapple cake

The egg-less rich cake is filled with pineapple pieces and completely frosted with whipped cream. No butter is used and the recipe is completely healthy. Check the recipe

pineapple cake


Vanilla pound cake with orange glaze

This cake is ideal for new bakers as it just requires mixing of flour eggs ,baking powder ,milk in equal units.Its absolutely a no fail recipe and I have glazed the cake with orange syrup which looks attractive and bright. click here for the recipe

Eggless mixed fruit chocolate cake

This is a rich egg-less cake filled with fruits of your choice covered with chocolate frosting and then decorated with butter cream. Its two layered and delicious in taste and rich in presentation.

Click here for the recipe

Choco-berry cake

This one is for strawberry lovers. this one is a 4 layered cake alternating with vanilla and chocolate sponge cake layers and filled with strawberry and cream filling and chocolate filling alternately. You can then decorate cake as you wish .I had tried preparing chocolate flowers. click here for the recipe

choco berry cake







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